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Periodize your training

Bodybuilding and strength training are activities that require dedication to training, you have to be constant.
Many people think that lifting weights is boring, but I think they talk like that out of ignorance and aside they forget all the benefits that it can bring to their health, much more than any other physical activity, no matter how good it is. We enhance our aerobic and anaerobic capacity.
Monotony and boredom can be an obstacle when it comes to achieving results, the best way for this not to happen is variety and that is one of the quel est le meilleur site pour acheter des steroides advantages that periodized training has .
 Periodization is something that has been used for decades, it is even highly recommended for all kinds of sports, but coaches ignore it incomprehensibly. They think that if they do not train hard, at most one day if and another they also never achieve goals, either to get on the podium or to remove the abdominal fat and get a good muscle tone, when it is not even that way.

Periodization works different aspects within routines and provides for variations in volume and intensity , which gives us an increase in our physical capabilities.
A periodized training is a training organized down to the last detail, as O.Bompa said: "if you want results, plan."It is about dividing the year into different stages or mesocycles, although Bompa divided it into microcycles and macrocycles. The first were the workouts with different intensities for a specific week and the second for the different weeks of the same month.
Although it can be periodized for weeks, it is also more comfortable and bearable to do it monthly or what we will call mesocycles. 

Each of them, as I said before, will be in charge of working a specific aspect, since it is necessary to avoid working in the same way all the time. year. The results are more favorable if there is a job with different types of intensities, heavy repetitions, etc ... Not the typical thing that you work in gyms, all year doing 4x10 trying to work only hypertrophy.